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If you are reading this article, then for sure you have some relation to crossfit. Now, in your own words, define what CROSSFIT means to you. I can confidently assume that one way or another, the word COMMUNITY will appear in your mind. This is what the headquarter of our sport was talking about, this is what is written on their official website, this is why they think we are different from commercial gyms, this is what we value.

“I remember a case from my childhood …. a priest, Father Alexei, from the local church was invited to my grandmother’s funeral. He scolded children over trifles and reproached parents that they were raising their children incorrectly. However, the “values” of the priest changed dramatically after he was invited to the table to commemorate the deceased. Father Alexei immediately turned into an ordinary Lyosha, a big drinker. It turns out that it is possible to break the commandments of the Lord. You can just hide the cross under the cassock! Then I realised that hypocrisy can have the most holy appearance! “

On February 24, the CrossFit Open began around the world. For many people, this is not only a mechanism for getting to the Crossfit Games, but also a symbol of uniting people in terms of worldview, values, and interests. So it was in Ukraine until this year. However, on February 24, we woke up early not to watch the workout for Open 22.1, we were awakened by explosions from Russian missiles. There is no explanation for such barbarism, there is no explanation for the hundreds of dead children and thousands of civilians. And we do not know how many more people will die a painful death of starvation in their basements, as they are buried under the rubble of their own houses, as a result of the bombing by the Russian army.


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And what about the headquarters of Crossfit? They hid “their cross under the cassock.” Where did the “commandments” about the community, about mutual assistance disappear? Hundreds of emails to Crossfit headquarters have gone unanswered. It is more convenient for them not to notice what is happening in Ukraine. All that was enough for them was a small statement after a week of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. This statement, I would call two sentences of hypocrisy. In the first, they very strongly condemned “the actions of the Russian military in Ukraine,” and in the second they stated that they “will continue to support our independent affiliate owners, coaches, and athletes within our global CrossFit community.” The second sentence needs clarification. They mean no help to the Ukrainian CrossFit community, since as of March 27 there is no real centralized help from the Crossfit headquarters. In their statement, they are trying to “bleach” Russian owners and clients of CrossFit gyms by calling them INDEPENDENT. But in this situation it is impossible to remain “independent”! If you silently watch how your neighbor, friend, brother, acquaintance commits a crime before your eyes, you also become his accomplice! I think everyone understands that in this way the headquarters of Crossfit is simply trying to sit on two chairs at once, afraid of losing the Russian market. It is impossible to calculate for how many “silver coins” CrossFit-Judas from the main office sold universal and crossfit values, since they temporarily removed the tag from the table, by which you can see the number of participants in the Open from the aggressor’s country.

The cynicism on the part of the Crossfit headquarters and the reluctance to go into details is even bigger taking into consideration the fact that a Russian, Dmitry Andryukhin, was put in charge of helping the Ukrainian affiliated clubs. Well, are you serious? And why not ask Putin to help crossfit clubs at the same time, while he “saves the Russian-speaking population”? And just have a look which “help” is offered by Dmitry Andryukhin.

“…. don’t worry about paying for affelation …”, – Dmitry Andryukhin stated.

And this once again emphasizes the incompetence of either the responsible person or the organization as a whole. Do you think that while bombs are falling from the sky, an affiliated club is thinking how to pay you a fee to have the right to be affiliated by CrossFit? In this case, each of us thinks about how to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian army so that our lives and our freedom are not taken away, and gym leaders are still worried about what their employees and their families will continue to exist for. In only one affiliated network of crossfit gyms, Banda, more than 80 people were left without work and livelihoods. And this is a small example of what not only representatives of the Ukrainian CrossFit community faced, but also the vast majority of Ukrainian citizens.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Crossfit headquarters has shown double standards. And then the question arises, does a CrossFit community with its precious values exist? Yes, it is! But the headquarters of Crossfit has no relation to this. Sara Sigmundsdóttir, Noah Ohlsen and other athletes have already supported Ukraine, the Milan crossfit club “Corona Ferrea CrossFit” was one of the first to collect and donate humanitarian aid to Ukraine, some clubs in Europe are in the process of collecting aid, the Ukrainian network of crossfit gyms Banda organized distribution points for humanitarian help, and Banda Obolon works as a bomb shelter, many of the Ukrainian CrossFit community volunteer to help refugees, the Ukrainian army or stand with weapons in their hands. We are immensely grateful to everyone who provides any possible assistance during this difficult time for us. If you’d like to help, here are ways to do this:

  1.  Help us to inform people all over the world what is really happening in Ukraine right now and make Crossfit HQ stop getting bloody money and make them boycott Russian athletes in all official competitions, as many sports federations have done. Read and share information from trusted sources such as Stand with Ukraine or Zelenskiy_official.
  2. CrossFit gym owners can temporarily or permanently employ women trainers who have lost their jobs as a result of the war.
  3. Provide temporary shelter to Ukrainian women and children.
  4. Collect essential goods for shipment to Ukraine.
  5. Support financially clubs, coaches and their families, who have lost their livelihoods.

We still have a glimmer of hope that the “priests” from the main office of Crossfit will remember the “commandments” that they taught us and will not hide the “cross under the cassock” in this difficult period for Ukraine. Support us! Show with real actions that Open is a place for bringing together people with universal human and moral principles, and not a cheap product wrapper!

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